Poetry, ViMP


50 bright youths full of hope
Came to LBS to convoke
Five days full of knowledge
Of hard work, of laughter
They go back whither they came from
Who knows, who knows

Knowledge is power they say
Well armed these 50 were
Most things can be worked at
Some things can be sweet-talked
Does this power extend over all?
Who knows, who knows

The duality of human life
Body-soul, life-death, day-night
Some things are inevitable
They can’t be wished or prayed away
How long they will wield their power
Who knows, who knows

As the 10 green bottles on the wall,
Once 50 youths full of hope
Came to LBS to convoke
What happens when one falls down?
Do you see nine or forty-nine
Who knows, who knows

Here comes he who knows
Seeing, you believe
Loving, one is more powerful
Well is Maths puzzled
When it perceives the answer
He knows, he knows

Though one bottle is down
There are not nine but fifty
Body-soul, life-death, day-night
The fallen is not lost
Life is changed not ended
He is only on the other side

Dedicated to a fallen coursemate. Rest in peace, bro


Friday the fourth {day}


To us was added a great plus

For in its wholeness came health

On a fine Friday the fourth


With her we saw the vision

Stated and wrote the mission

On a fine Friday the fourth


My conscience is raw with blisters

Why give me this gift, mister

On a fine Friday the fourth Continue reading