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I once heard that no one eats with their mouth

Children eat with their eyes;

Young people with their stomach

Adults with their head.

WARNING;  mouthwatering presentation. Risk of hunger afterwards.

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Okay so, where are these pictures from? Most of them were made by me in collaboration with others. It was such a delight last summer to learn to transform the usual fruits and vegetables into such lovelies.

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Da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’

Yesterday saw a world record break for any work of art sold at auction. The salvator mundi was sold for $450.3m, including auction house premium, by an anonymous buyer in the auction at Christie’s in New York. “Salvator Mundi” (“Savior of the World”) is one of fewer than 20 known paintings by da Vinci, and the only one in private hands.

Though I can hold a good conversation about beauty and art, I know little about its sale and purchase. So I reserve my comments about the heartburn that just the mention of the purchase sum gives to me.

But there’s been and still are tons of hype about it. Lots of hype about the painting, the painter, and especially about the 500 years of history behind it. The salvator mundi has gone on display in Hong Kong, London, San Francisco and New York. Thousands of people have gone to see it before its final sale.

If 500 years’ worth of history can cause this, how much more should 2000 years’ worth of history do? I, who believe not just in the painter, nor in the authenticity of the painting BUT in the figure – CHRIST painted by Da Vinci, what is my reaction? Does my belief lead me to act thus? How does it affect my day to day life?

Add to this, the lot of talk and analysis to ascertain if it’s an authentic Leonardo’s.

Salvator Mundi Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator mundi

Modestini, who restored the salvator mundi commented that ‘I shudder to think what might have been used’ in the grotesque repaintings of the painting. The varnish was “sticky and uneven” with crude touch-ups, quite possibly the work of “the owner or a local amateur”.

She didn’t stop at shudder though. Modestini then professionally restored the Salvator Mundi. Despite some damage to the face, the flesh tones fortunately retain their layer structure. She stabilised the picture, removed most of the later overpaint and fillings, and made cosmetic changes to bring it back closer to Leonardo’s original.

O salvator mundi, this is one more wakeup call from you. Your silent and gentle honk has pierced my indifference. I’ve hidden your face behind countless ‘what would they say? Why should I bother them by revealing You?’. I’ve repainted your face by my many small inconsistencies, so much so that recognition of You is almost impossible.

This is my conclusion, my resolution;

I’ll restore your image that I carry within me, o salvator mundi. I’ll do a more meticulous work than what Modestini has done to your painting. So that the others can see and appreciate the real You. And I’ll take you beyond Hong Kong and New York. I’ll take you everywhere so that everyone can see you and be conquered by your charm and your grace. And I won’t look too far – I’ll start with my friends and family.


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Salvator Mundi By Bernini

Quote credit – JP II letter to artists

One post every moon

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Hail, O Sun


shades of grey - the sun


Hail, O Sun

the wonders which you wrought in the sky

the green you bestow to plants

the winter chill which you chase

all bow to say hail

your beauty redounds to our earth

in the dark of your absence

the shade of grey menaces

when you appear in your glory

colour floods man and his dwelling

the tropics chant your praises

behind the darkness of ‘shades

your brightness is beheld

without the eyes of Faith,

your maker is denied.





The other day, we cashed in on the ‘patrimony’ of the European Heritage days and strolled to Villa Medici. With only a contribution of only 1€ per person, Roberta, one of the guides, took us on an interesting tour of the gardens and some rooms.

But….{and there is a but}, the tour was in Italian!

Do I understand Italian? Do I speak the highly emotional language?

Be the judge.



interior facade of the villa viewed from within the gardens

interior facade of the villa viewed from within the gardens

In 1562, the Church had a new cardinal, Ferdinando de’Medici, aged 13. Then Church and state were tightly woven together and the papacy was seen as one more political appointment. Unfortunately, some people, within and outside the Church, still see this Holy office of the Vicar of Christ as such.

Then comes 1576. the 27-year old cardinal purchased this villa. He was a collector and sponsor and … a man who prayed. We saw his apartments and his room of prayer. The former are now in use as accommodation for the directors and students of the academy. Sorry – no photographs allowed there!

delightful water fountain

delightful water fountain

There are many fountains like this all over the city with potable drinking water for all. And I cannot help it – I hope that soon this will be a reality in Nigeria, beginning from Lagos.

Java and Assina

Java and Assina

Assina, my congolese friend who speaks 4? languages. Let us count – Lingala, Kiswahili, French, Spanish, Italian, English – 6! She was my personal guide during the tour.

Minerva with Roman symbols

Minerva with Roman symbols

This statue was a gift to the villa. The two wolves on her head was added to make her more romanlike.

Gardens as viewed from within the Villa

Gardens as viewed from within the Villa

I just read a fictional story of some people who did not know that the colour ‘green’ existed. What a shame!

Depiction of a Greek myth

Depiction of a Greek myth

This depiction of a greek myth was done by an artist {probably Zucchi. I’m not sure what I heard from Roberta and Assina}. The artist didn’t want to see the adjoining wall so the plants behind the statue were allowed to grow without trimming.

The gods were angry with men … and so on. Luckily, we have a loving Father – God in Heaven – who awaits our return every time we upset Him.

View of Rome

View of Rome

Louis XIV?

Louis XVII

Grid{ed} garden

Grid{ed} garden


Italian? French? … The universal language!