Pierce away your boredom II

‘Are you bored?’ was the question Ada asked me when I sent her my new look. Ok, she was kind enough to admit that it was beautiful sha. Very beautiful she added.

But, ‘Are you bored’?

I mean, how can I be bored with my hands full of worthwhile things. Full with my family – the Anozie’s and Opus Dei’s; full with friends like Ada, Genny and Felicity; full with work at my school where I am personally responsible for 33 members of staff and 20 students and their parents; full with the undergraduates who frequent the Leadership Centre where I mentor; full with the stories I witness on the streets and roads of Lagos; full with all the stories in my head. I just can’t be bored.

But on second thoughts, Ada’s question is not far-fetched. I saw the movie ‘Divergent’ and I was struck by the connection an actress made between the boredom in their lives and how full the tattoo parlor was.

And I admit that having another piercing does add some spice to your life. I mean, last night, I didn’t sleep well. I turned on this side and I felt a foreign body. I tossed on the other side and it was the same. The foreign body? My new studs. Also, from time to time, I feel some pain. It is my body, my ears to be precise, trying to tell me

‘Look here. We haven’t accepted this new member yet. In fact, we ain’t accepting it without a fight.’

It adds another spice too – this piercing – to my life. I go around, ears jutting out and showing off. I want the whole world to know.
Java has got two more piercings!
Foolish, right? No. When you are somewhat a child at heart, some things are acceptable.
The most amazing reaction I got was when I pulled someone’s leg and told her I was going to get an eyebrow piercing. She was like

‘Is that allowed in Opus Dei?’

Good grief! Opus Dei tries to help form your conscience. With a spirituality healthy conscience, it is you who decide what you allow and what you don’t.
Right now, with the way I am feeling about piercings, I already want to add more to my collection. Because I like to shock people. The only thing holding me back is common sense born of accurate prediction of the reaction of my sweet mother when she sees me. SHE WILL FAINT!

Guys, she hasn’t seen me yet with these ones. And my siblings – Chi, Oge, Osi, Peace, Cha-yo – what do you think? Oge! Please get ready to defend me before the family. If need be, Chinonso, our star in heaven, might need to come to strengthen the defense.
Hold on, you didn’t know I, we, have a star in heaven? My sister, Chinonso, left us for that Place at ten years. How did she go? That is a story too sublime to be mixed with all this talk about piercings.


Just so you know this. Your opinion counts!

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