Pierce away your boredom I

I just got two more piercings. Well, so what?

The thought of more first occurred to me in my final year studying Engineering. I had seen many kinds of piercings and was repulsed by all of them. I was in the admin block when the plump madam who was to attend to us walked in. we were, at worst, upset because we had been waiting for some time for her. But I felt differently. I was fascinated with my gaze on her ears as I waited to be served. The lady had five neatly spaced ear piercings. On each one was an earring that graduated from stud at her helix to a nice round gold ring at her lobule. I wanted to look like her.

This was in 2011. You see, my journey to 2 extra piercings did not start today. What pushed me to finally take the step? Peer pressure. I don’t know about your motivations but for me, people influence me a great deal. I am the number one victim of peer pressure. Somehow, fortunately, most of my pressures have been at best, good; or at least, indifferent. You can put it down to the fact that I was an introvert then [these days, I can’t place what I am]; or to the fact that I had few girl – friends.
I grew up surrounded by girls. 5 sisters, 2 aunties whom we called big aunty and small aunty, and a mother. Add to that 49 classmates every session, etc. But I always felt alone. I wanted more. My sisters were at the same time disgusting and awesome. But I wanted a friend, a confidante, a soul sister.

Feel me. I was a teenager with the looks of a nine-year-old. I was in SS1 when my age mates were in JS 2. I mean, what do you do when your classmates, older than you, think you are a child? That you know nothing about money, about boys or about fun. What do you do when saddled with the sad fact of having age mates too academically behind for your taste? I’m not talking about brain development eh but about coinciding with your mates. You go to a different school, have different assignments, attend higher lesson, higher, higher and always higher than them. And my sisters? They were the same as your sisters. We fought, we made up, we cared for each other but Java’s world was Java’s and they had no permission to enter. Worse, they didn’t know such world existed.

So I wanted a real friend. Finding none among girls, I turned to the boys. There I found some. Older boys who didn’t snub me. Boys who came to visit and whose visits were returned by my faithful sister Oge and I. Boys I could have serious conversations with. Boys who set me on the path to seek, find and try to love God. What a thrill. I send a thank you to you wherever you are. You made my childhood and my ‘teen-hood’.

I also had a few friends in class – classmates my age and day students like me. So, it was 2002 or 2003. Styl – Plus’ song ‘call my name’ was the in – thing. Now I had a friend, Bibi, who was a staunch member of the Deeper Life Church. Hey, Bibi, I hope you are still one eh! It did you a lot of good and that good diffused to me. One day while serving punishment with other classmates, I ‘caught’ my Bibi singing ‘call my name’. can you beat it? Bibi on natchy hair when it was not the craze; Bibi who did not wear earrings; Bibi who in principle does not [well, should not] sing secular songs. This same Bibi was singing Styl Plus. I was stunned. I just felt backward and left out. The following weekend, I turned on the song and learnt the lyrics. Say what?

It is funny how time flies; when you’re waiting for the mega fly girlfriend’s guy to walk by
Champagne that was never my game; I was only gonna get down ‘cos she called my name of which
I never act so damn lame and ditch; my three home boys for aa dame and rich
Glass of a girl’s champagne and switch tables…

Blah, blah, blah.

In 2019, there was a repeat of this. Ifunanya, calm, quiet looking Ifunanya, went to a jewelry shop and got another piercing. When I heard it, I said to myself – ENOUGH! 8 years of ‘gathering liver’, of making up my mind, of asking myself if I could take the pain. 8 years of dreading infection, keloids and what not that may result. Enough. I am getting the piercing done. Not one though because I am crazier than Ifunanya who got one. And the morning went and the evening came and Java had 3 piercings on each ear.


Just so you know this. Your opinion counts!

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