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To be improved

Doesn’t this title apply to each one of us? When you are a choleric like I am, it’s in your best interest to ask someone to read your feedbacks and give you their opinion before you click SEND.

Here is one such, written after a training today.

Dear sir,
Today’s training – especially the session on ‘Teaching effectiveness and classroom management’ by Mr Olugbenga Akintola – was engaging. Thank you.

Here are a few points where I think we can improve for tomorrow’s training and for the future.
1. Punctuality
This is the soul of business (excuse the cliché). The participants’ lateness can be forgiven; afterall they are losing out after paying the seminar’s fees. But the lateness of the convener is not acceptable; it sends a poor image of your Brand.
2. The mid morning snacks was refreshing. The crockery and food can be cleared from the back of the seminar hall before or at lunch time.
3. Lunch was satisfactory but also quiet. There was little discussion and no networking among participants. In other seminars I have attended, I find that when the convener / coordinator joins the participants for lunch, he / she helps to stimulate the conversation.

These are just a few pointers – room for doing better.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s session,

Anozie Amaka,
The Lagoon School,

The feedback I got was that ‘the lateness of the convener is not acceptable;‘ was too strong (yeah I get it. That’s just shy of ‘it wasn’t charitable’.).

I haven’t clicked SEND yet; I’d like to hear what you think about this.


Just so you know this. Your opinion counts!

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