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Hail, O Sun


shades of grey - the sun


Hail, O Sun

the wonders which you wrought in the sky

the green you bestow to plants

the winter chill which you chase

all bow to say hail

your beauty redounds to our earth

in the dark of your absence

the shade of grey menaces

when you appear in your glory

colour floods man and his dwelling

the tropics chant your praises

behind the darkness of ‘shades

your brightness is beheld

without the eyes of Faith,

your maker is denied.





10 thoughts on “Hail, O Sun

  1. Amaka, I love this poem and the question that it poses. You wrote it well and sincerely, in my opinion, I think that you should leave it as it is. A lot of people don’t actually believe in God and we don’t have to pretend, or do we? They deny the creator and explain it away as science. I hope that my tone is not too harsh, but the thing is that you can’t please all.

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