His name is Emma

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I was terribly excited. Today I have an appointment with Him. He is madly in love with me. Sure, I had played hard to get. Finally, I have said yes to the date. It’s at 6pm. There, He has promised a display of love of the highest order.

Excitement or not, the day has been tiring. I feel deadbeat. Coupled with the toll of expectation, I find myself beside the bed. Next thing, I am on the bed, answering its call. The alarm is set for 5.30pm. I lie down fully clothed. Just a touch of makeup here and there when I get up and all will be well.

I can’t tell how long I have been in that position. A tiny sharp pain travels faster than lightning from my thigh to my brain. I am forced to sit up. I search for the errant insect that has stung me…

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