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No strings attached

I didn’t think I will be posting anything this soon.

But K.L.Register liked my last post and I checked out her blog.

I found …..home, a place just like my parents’ house. things are connected together and yet apart. Six children are tearing the house apart with their games, screaming, laughing, fighting, crying and laughing. And this jumble of emotions is the source of peace for my parents. Because now when all but one have left home, my Ma is forever worrying. ‘What is going on with this one? Why hasn’t the other one called home for two weeks? How is this one’s husband doing’etc

And your question ‘ why do you write? has strengthened my days’ old resolution to write with no strings attached, not to care if I’m read or not; to read others’ when I can and not cos I hope they will read mine in return; to click ‘Like’ because I truly do and ‘follow’ because I believe… Of course it’s still a resolution and I am trying – I do hope to – put it into practice.

And what of the stories of Loss from Ideadibia and Mitch

Chuma, I didn’t think I could write a joke without speaking big grammar

Mitch, at first I thought hoped you were Mitch Albom. Imagine him liking my post … ha ha, I thought I said I was going to start writing with no strings attached. So much for resolutions. No sweat. I begin again and

I am trying – I do hope to – write and read others with no strings attached

One last line – so sorry for your loss Mitch and Chuma and everyone out there who has lost a dear one – that makes everyone in the world, I suppose. Well, everything happens for a reason though we may not see it.


4 thoughts on “No strings attached

  1. I just saw this! Haha. I found the Mitch Albom thing hilarious. I wish I’m him too. I met him once in a book signing event and he was so wonderfully nice. Thanks, Amakaanozie (is that your name?). I feel better now. 🙂

  2. It’s good to find that something I wrote may have helped someone write a post and break a hiatus.

    But you should write when you want, and write often. Write what you want and don’t let anything stop you from doing so. What you write may be untrue or generally unsaid, but putting words together is a gift and everyone should share it with others.

    The small grammar jokes are the best o. 🙂

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