She was her second; the third child to leave the house.

‘what does it matter if the fare is 70 0r 80NGN?’ her mum asked

It was as if she found solace, as if she hid in the tiny things. Along the road as they walked to the bus park, she had recounted stories from secondary school. Stories of borrowing money to classmates and not getting it back. Because she couldn’t ask them.

‘Now I’m wiser and I’ll ask my debtor mad’

She settled into the worn out seat of the 80NGN bus, her bags on her lap.

There was only one debtor now. Only one request too

‘Mama, please don ‘t cry!’


2 thoughts on “Indebted

  1. Quite deep and interesting…. I don’t know why but I seem to be drawing a lot of conclusions to this, even though I oughtn’t to. Safe trip, dear! Do not be discouraged, you’ll do just fine and it promises to be a ride of a lifetime. Cheers! Like is said: Till we meet again… Mmmmuuuah!

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