You have failed, haven’t you? Take heart, I have failed too. Woefully at that. I am actually failing as I write this. Should I tell you my failure story? Tempting, isn’t it? But, what good will it do? I’d rather choose the other alternative – share some quotes on the thought of having failed, on actually failing, on the desperation that comes with failing, on succeeding, on failure that is actually success, on success that is PURE FAILURE.

Allow me introduce our anchor  – Josemaria Esciva, a Saint and the founder of Opus Dei

m28.St Josemaria He too failed, it seems. Many times too. See, you have a compatriot who is a Saint. Courage, keep at it! But remember that popular Chinese proverb: “It is only a fool who will do the same thing in the same way and expect a different result.” Got that? You have only failed, you are not a fool. Not yet, at least.

Let us see some of our anchor’s quotes:

So you have failed? You — be convinced of it — cannot fail. You haven’t failed; you have gained experience. On you go!

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Pay little heed to what the world calls victories or defeats. How often the victor comes out defeated!

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Not ‘popular wisdom’, is it? Is popularity = truth? You have failed. I have also. So? Remain on the floor and grovel in the dust. Dig even deeper to hide your shame. It doesn’t stop here! We have a choice


Get up, dust those trousers and set to work. Ah, one last thing – don’t be a {Chinese} fool.

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2 thoughts on “How dare you think you have failed?

  1. Indeed, “you haven’t failed; you have gained experience.

    Failure really isn’t the end of the world, you get up , dust yourself and move on 🙂

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