‘There is only one race – the race of the children of God’

Today my tutee told me that one of her hobbies is reading blogs about race. Her reason? The countless problems that have arisen from the colour of her skin, the shape of her nose, the thickness of her lips, etc. Perhaps you have experienced those problems too. Maybe for you, they have stopped at being ‘difficulties’ only and not major issues.

As we gisted, I thought of this quote from the founder of Opus Dei, St. Josemaria Escriva;

‘There is only one race – the race of the children of God’.

Do you think this view as a solution is too simplistic? Reductionist?

Does it avoid the problem all together?

Have there been times when your race opened possibilities?

Let’s hear these positive stories.

Image courtesy of Jezebel

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3 thoughts on “Raceplus

  1. About race……. You’re right. There’s only one race….. This captures the right perspective. It doesn’t evade the question but gives us the link which is missing in the minds of many.

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