{Pamela had just finished addressing her classmates and thanking them for their show of solidarity.}


“Thank you” replied Pamela to Scholar, the class captain, smiling.

She was overpowered with a warm hug from Alex, who was beaming with pride.

“I’ve never been more proud to be your friend than on this day. Gosh, there you were, standing straight, making eye contact, articulating every syllable, making sense and this part of it is most important, and receiving their thanks gracefully. Well done!”

“Alex, you’re choking me” Pamela managed to say, gasping for air and feigning a cough.

“Oh dear, oh dear, I didn’t realise”

“Pamela, I’m so proud to be your friend.” The conviction behind those simple words warmed Pamela’s heart as much as Alex’s ‘talkative’ praise. Olivia had come up while Alex was snuffing the life out of Pamela and for the first time since they became friends, Olivia remained standing for a while before sitting.

“This moment is OURS” Alexia thought, dismissing the pang of jealousy she had felt at Olivia’s ‘your friend’ addressed to Pamela. “This moment is ours and she’s Pamela’s friend and she’s my friend and we are friends.”

“I can just picture you addressing the whole school on that day.” She said out loud “You’ll have to practise, you know, with us” and addressing Olivia, she added “mi amiga, what do you propose for strengthening a weak heart for I fear that my heart will burst with pride and joy on that day.”

“Don’t worry your sweet head, dear Alex; if your heart doesn’t burst on account of your best friend’s success” at which Alex smiled “when should it?”


Thanks wordpress for this prompt.

Proud 2 b ur friend


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