If I had a vial of truth serum, I’ll drink it myself. Perhaps then I’ll be able to communicate and share the truth with others especially my countrymen and women, so that we can truly be independent, free. I’ll do this without qualms as to whether the truth won’t be exhausted. For truth is a spiritual good and spiritual goods multiply as they are shared.

Anyway, before that happens, here is wishing Nigeria Happy Independence. Whether we have become truly independent or not is a question for another day’s post.


Rejoice and shout with laughter

throw all your burdens down

if God has been so gracious

as to make you black or brown.

for you are a great nation,

a people of great birth

for where would spring the flowers

if God took away the earth.

Rejoice and shout with laughter,

throw all your burdens down

yours is a glorious heritage

if you are black or brown.

(Gladys Casely Hayford)

Happy Independence Nigeria, most populous black nation, as you clock 54 tomorrow.

Happy Independence to all Nigerians with all the blessings and troubles that come with being a Nigerian

God bless my country, our country

Images from http://www.risenetworks.org and http://www.marocemploi.co



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