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His name is Emma

I was terribly excited. Today I have an appointment with Him. He is madly in love with me. Sure, I had played hard to get. Finally, I have said yes to the date. It’s at 6pm. There, He has promised a display of love of the highest order.

Excitement or not, the day has been tiring. I feel deadbeat. Coupled with the toll of expectation, I find myself beside the bed. Next thing, I am on the bed, answering its call. The alarm is set for 5.30pm. I lie down fully clothed. Just a touch of makeup here and there when I get up and all will be well.

I can’t tell how long I have been in that position. A tiny sharp pain travels faster than lightning from my thigh to my brain. I am forced to sit up. I search for the errant insect that has stung me. It’s probably a silly little ant. I painstakingly search the bedclothes. No sign of it. Not even on the floor. My search leads me on. My gaze strays to the clock. GOLLY GOSH GEE! It’s 5.45pm. My alarm must have pealed repeatedly to no avail. I go running for my date. Of course, I arrive not late. We meet. I listen to Him. He listens to me. The highest point is coming. It’s hard containing. He beckons. I move forward. I give the response to the priest’s statement. And now, wonder of wonders, I have him on my tongue, in my mouth. I chew gently. He’s in me! I hope I am 100 percent in Him. Remember, He is the one madly in love with me. Me, I am only trying to try to reciprocate. We share ten minutes of bliss. I thank Him for coming to me. Fump that I am, I try not to fall asleep. But sometimes, I forget that I am having a conversation with Someone in real time. I start dreaming about those nice but virtual friends of mine.

EMMA is the name I gave to that silly little ANT. Since we went on first name basis, it’s been Emma this, Emma that. He is my PA. He is my GA {Guardian Angel}. Angels are spiritual beings. They are neither male nor female. Thus I can afford to call him so. He aids me in the small things. ‘Emma, please help me with this necklace; I am finding it hard to clasp it’. ‘What can you do about this traffic, Emma? I have to make this or that appointment on time.’

The scenario in the opening paragraphs is repeated almost daily. Every time Emma comes to the rescue. He is my knight in shining armour sent from heaven. I ask him to keep me attentive to my Guest who is at the same time my Host. He also helps in the big things too. ‘Emma, please work with this person’s GA so that she can smile. Her face is disfigured with frowns’. ‘Emma, I’m stranded. Can you please get help?’ He is my angel of light. He never refuses except it’s not just right.

Sometimes there are little slips. Other times there are big falls. I lie face down, shamefaced. I wish to go even lower. Anything but making the effort to get up. It’s the deception of the moment. It comes with the fall. Here comes Emma, gently nudging me. Most times, when I am stubborn, he shakes me roughly. I am his charge. He will stop at nothing to help me get up and face Him. Emma is flummoxed. He cannot help but wonder. ‘How is it’ he asks me ‘that you who have the privilege to eat Him hesitate to run back to Him when you wander far away or near?’ It’s incomprehensible to him. Emma and his friends envy us greatly because they can’t have what we get: Him. They can’t EAT Him! All the same, with Emma’s help, I come around. When it’s too hard, he enlists the help of his friends. I get up to face Him. He has been waiting, patiently. He is all powerful but he doesn’t force me. This is because He created me free. I walk up to Him. He runs to me. I hug Him tight. I become His friend again.

You have your own ‘Emma’ too. How often do you speak to him?


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