{Is your birthday today? Is it that of your friend or someone you know? someone you love? someone you probably have come to despise (sad, ain’t it)? Then this poem is for you. For me, it’s my 25th post. Did you hear the champagne pop? Enjoy!}

After a nightmarish sleep,
He got up with a start.
Drenched in cold sweat,
His hands on his head

His mind befuddled,
His heart thumping,
Make out he could not
The vision of the night

But then the mist dissolved,
Steadily, the clouds disappeared
The cobwebs gradually cleared out
And the dream slowly filtered in.

On one side was his life now,
On the other, who he should be
Betwixt, helpless and sighing,
Sat an abyss, yawning.

Disturbed at the piteous sight,
He sought to find the light.
Suddenly a thought flitted in
With a huge splash of smile

The day was his birthday
And he could begin again;
To put crooked paths straight
To close up the abyss


Amaka Anozie
© 2014


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