The new NATO

{Just a short break from ViMP’14 uploads. Enjoy!}

Handsome able-bodied men

Graceful capably fit women

Lips working, eyes roving

Arms resting, legs ready


A gathering at the square

It’s the first crack of dawn

With hardly a breath to catch

As speeches choke up the ‘sphere


Sentences hug each other warmly

Salivas work till near empty

Well psyched up, all are

As the sweet words rush on


‘We can do it, yes we can

If we want, why, we could

We believe and will achieve

Forward ever, backward never’


Nigh comes the moment of truth

The job stares on squarely

Thought and speech eat up the time

No meaning, no acting


Hands on deck, legs on the run

At breakneck speed go the words

Bolting, panting, heaving, jumping

Struggling to catch their owners


Men of straw, not of steel

Women of wheat, not of gold

Heads of ice, arms of foam

Hearts of fire, legs of sand


We can do it, yes we can

Rein the tongue, push the will

Lest all sadly becomes

No action, talk only


One thought on “The new NATO

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