On Wednesday

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‘Whatever it is that you can do, you’ll do it better with an education.

Welcome to another beautiful day, day II in our travels in the land of ViMP’14. I remember waking up on this day fresh and bright and going to bed at past midnight with the full weight of ViMP and an extra load of ‘Nigeria’ on my head.

Before the sessions began at LBS in the morning, we had about 15 minutes of group discussion of the case ‘Nigeria – opportunity in crisis?’ Last night, the best we could do after dinner was to study the 22-page case and make some observations. ‘What were the so-called opportunities for Nigeria, in the wake of the economic depression after the first few years of the new millennium – 21st century? What were the obstacles to tapping these opportunities; and the solutions or recommendations?’ I had wonderful group members and I can say the same for the other groups. After all, we are very smart young Nigerian Ted talk givers (writers), the ‘Fortune 50’ as Bolaji Junaid prefers to call us. Each of us had our peculiarities and mine was to keep up the cry for sleep. ‘Let’s go, let’s go, it’s time to go to bed’! This was my constant cry after 10.30pm. You, that opinion that you’ve formed of me from working in the same group with me or from reading these words, keep it first to your heart. Don’t even admit it to your head until you hear me out.

Early to bed; Early to rise

Makes a man healthy, wealthy and strong

Remember how you merrily chanted those lines in kindergarten, probably murdering the words and completely oblivious of the meaning? Pick them up and chant them again, and act likewise. It’ll make a world of difference. Hmph! Now you can admit that opinion, first to yourself and then to me, if you please, politely expressed and in a refined manner. I’ll love to hear it.

Mr long run, Emmanuel Olalere was a very worthy member of my group. The most outstanding female, Chika Faith Chukwuekem, was in my group and outstanding indeed she was. She thinks by the nano second and whenever we allowed her, she talks by the nano, no to be fair, the micro second. Then there was Emmanuel Iruobe, one of the presidential aspirants. I say that it wasn’t a mistake that he didn’t win in the elections. It is part of his learning curve – but it won’t have been an error if he had won. The only medical doctor in the team, Yetunde Adeneye, was in my group. In tow with her was her brother, Seyi Adeneye, but he was in a different group. Then there was Okechukwu David, Azubogu Chukwudalu, Fiyinfoluwa Adebayo (if you are from the part of Nigeria where I’m from, I’m almost sure that you’ll produce ‘Fiyin’ as I did – with a nasal sound included before y – ‘Finyin’), Oyetayo Folashade, Egbo Kingsley, Okeke Franklin, Oyelola Oluwatoyin, who with her accounting skills supported us through the valley and the shadow of monetary figures, and Oguntoyibo Leke. 12 + 1(I can remember recall the last name) of us


2 thoughts on “On Wednesday

  1. Mx says:

    One person cries 4 sleep, and some can’t just understand why.
    Another cries for following due process. Due process? At this time of the night?
    And some others don’t cry, they just stare, with minds far gone.
    Its fascinating to watch a team work

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