On your marks… set….GO!

Sometime in April 1994, over 800,000 Tutsis were massacred by their brother Hutus in the East African country of Rwanda.

Sometime in April 2014, about 80 commuters were killed in the Nyanya bomb blast in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

Sometime in April, 2014, over 200 girls were abducted from a secondary school in Borno, leaving their parents and relatives in heart rending agony.

Now! Sometime in April in the year of the Lord 2014, 50 very important ‘Tedtalks’ givers assembled for a networking and learning conference, as I like to call it, in the prestigious Lagos Business School of Nigeria. The conference is called Venture in Management Programme and it occupied these 50 Nigerian Youth Corpers for 5 days.

Are you ready to participate in (relive) these five days through my eyes? Hmm! I read your eager ‘Yes!’ – sit back, relax and tighten your seat belts. Here we go o o o …zrrrrrrrrr!


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